The Creator

My name is Carlos, as some of y'all know me as 'los'. I come from the smallest town in the great state of Texas where not many people get their name out there, my goal is to break that cycle. All my life I wanted to create my own thing. Art is something that inspires me every day. Endless Pieces is about the endless variations of art I create that was made from the inspirations from my life up to this day. I love clothes and fashion, I myself believe that what you wear expresses who you are and your overall personality. Money doesn't satisfy me, but seeing people wear clothes I created is a feeling I can't explain. I really appreciate you for taking the time for clicking the link that brought you here, and hopefully you understand my vision and goal. I promise to meet the expectations of my customers and supporters, as well my favorite part... bringing you guys new clothing pieces<3. MAY ENDLESS LIVE FOREVER


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